Jonathan Dupuy
Ph.D. in Computer Graphics
Affiliation: Unity Technologies
Networks: LinkedIn ResearchGate Github


This is my academic website. I am a French research scientist currently working at Unity Technologies on multiscale material representations. I use my representations in computer graphics to implement continuous level-of-detail in physically based renderers typically found in the video game and movie industries. More fundamentally, I'm interested in understanding how light and matter interact.

Below you will find my list of publications (make sure to check out my LinkedIn and ResearchGate profiles for more information about me). If you have questions regarding my work, feel free to send me an email anytime.


Adaptive GPU Tessellation with Compute Shaders
Jad Khoury, Jonathan Dupuy, Christophe Riccio
GPU Zen 2 (to appear)
A Spherical Cap Preserving Parameterization for Spherical Distributions
Jonathan Dupuy, Eric Heitz, Laurent Belcour
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Additional Progress Towards the Unification of Microfacet and Microflake Theories
Jonathan Dupuy, Eric Heitz, Eugene d'Eon
EGSR 2016 (E&I)
Real-Time Polygonal-Light Shading with Linearly Transformed Cosines
Eric Heitz, Jonathan Dupuy, Stephen Hill, David Neubelt
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Photorealistic Surface Rendering with Microfacet Theory
Jonathan Dupuy
PhD Thesis
[Supplemental] [Code]
Extracting Microfacet-based BRDF Parameters
from Arbitrary Materials with Power Iterations

Jonathan Dupuy, Eric Heitz, Jean-Claude Iehl, Pierre Poulin, Victor Ostromoukhov
EGSR 2015
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Implementing a Simple Anisotropic Rough
Diffuse Material with Stochastic Evaluation

Eric Heitz, Jonathan Dupuy
Technical Report 2015
The SGGX Microflake Distribution
Eric Heitz, Jonathan Dupuy, Cyril Crassin, Carsten Dachsbacher
[Supplemental] [Slides] [Hairball]
Physically Based Shading in Theory and Practice
Stephen Hill, Stephen Mcauley, Jonathan Dupuy, Yoshiharu Gotanda, Eric Heitz, Naty Hoffman, S├ębastien Lagarde, Anders Langlands, Ian Megibben, Farhez Rayani, Charles De Rousiers
ACM SIGGRAPH Courses 2014
Quadtrees on the GPU
Jonathan Dupuy, Jean-Claude Iehl, Pierre Poulin
GPU Pro 5: Advanced Rendering Techniques
LEADR Mapping
Jonathan Dupuy, Eric Heitz, Jean-Claude Iehl, Pierre Poulin, Fabrice Neyret, Victor Ostromoukhov
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Real-time Animation and Rendering of Ocean Whitecaps
Jonathan Dupuy, Eric Bruneton
ACM SIGGRAPH Asia 2012 (Technical Briefs)
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